1.5 Just Blank When Hide Zeros Enabled

It was nice in 1.281 that there were dashes when hiding zeros in the pattern command column. Now there is just a blank left even though you can still cursor over the space

“Renoise 1.5a-5 Aug 2004-1”

Confirmed, would be nice to have some lines back when zeros are disabled.

i agree as well.
i kind of feel disconnected from the effect collummn when it’s just blank space.

I guess the best thing would be to have another colour on all ‘background’ signs. That way you could dimm all empty lines/info, making all notes and entered info a lot more visible.

But I guess thats something for a later version.

This is a good idea and would go to making the interface even better.

I don’t mind the blank spaces, it gives me a more clear overview about IF i have used an effect, WHICH one and WHERE.
Such feature would have been very handy in the past with other trackers to figure out why some instrument sounds so f****ed up (when importing other formats to patch up)
Turning 'm into dashes will just substitute one forest with another, besides the risk of confusing them with note-columns will turn up higher i predict that users will complain much more about that than about blank spaces.
If you want something there i would suggest not to hide the zero’s

That might be fine for you but as you can see a couple of people on this forum at least share the opposite view. As with any configuration within renoise the best solution is to have the ability to change the option to your own requirement. i.e. if the new blank space suits you and other users keep this as an option also.

So this is then a request for an extra option in the GUI part where you can select your own substitute character for the zero’s in the effect column, right?
Makes everybody happy.

Yes since you are now representing people who prefer the new config with the blank

Hope so :)