1.5 Not Loading 32bit Samples Correctly

Anyone have had a problem where a 32bit sample won’t load into renoise correctly if saved with Sony SoundFroge?

soundfroge? ;) frog?

did you try out all import options?

Oh yeah. And they play well in winamp and load fine in Goldwave. When I save them with golwave, they load fine in Renoise too. I wonder what’s wrong with SoundForge.
Oh well, I’ll just live with it.

Probably because Winamp and anything else just truncate the bit depth down to 24 or 16 depending on your audio hardware. Renoise should do the same really, but you say it’s the loading that doesn’t work. I think I’ve had problems with that before. Hope it will be looked at as I no doubt will need to load some in at one stage or another.

But 32bit samples DO work in renoise if they are saved in Goldwave or Renoise itself. Only 32bit samples that are saved in SoundForge load as corrupted, i.o.w. if I load them into Renoise it’s just digital noises I’m getting.

I made an example. The clip was rendered with Renoise and then loaded into SoundForge, saved as 32bit IEEE uncompressed floating point wav. Images speak more than a thousand words:

and Renoise:

you should send a copy of the WAV to bug@renoise.com (possibly a short one)