1.5 Spectrum View

The Spectrum analyser in 1.5 is almost completely useless for me.
This means i accustomed to usual analyser mode as was in 1.2 family and before…

Now offcourse i can check separate sample or synth freQ with current analyser…
But when fullmix playing - i can see low freq range very detailed, and the rest freq range - compressed. This is a logarithmic mode lack.

Why only logarithmic ?
Usual mode switch extremely wanted !


I’ve checked all those threads.
No one has answer from devs… about future of Spectrum analyzer

Thanx for linkin’ me, Bantai !
C-plugs is very nice and useful. Surprised me.
But C-plugs FFT for example eats up to 15% of my CPU :o

Hope dev’s will spare their attention to evolve this important internal visualisation meter in next release.

Till now i fill myself blind, and i can believe only my ears…
But headphones i use at work are not so clearly true as my monitors at home…