[1.5 sugg] Render Overwrites Same Filename

try this:

  1. render something (a song/pattern/selection/etc) and type a name, for example, “test”
  2. a test.wav will be rendered/made
  3. when you render something again and you don’t change the name “test”, it will be simply overwritten!

so, there should be a warning message to confirm if you really want to overwrite the rendered wav file.

this bug is also in 1.281

This could, indeed, be usefull.

But when I think about it, I would rather have an option in the preferences with a box to (un)check: “Warn me before overwriting files”

Because most of the time I overwrite files ON PURPOSE and the warnings piss me off. B)

An addition to the render function:

To remember the previous rendering settings for both file specifications AND file save location.

Because right now, anytime you restart Renoise the render goes to Cubic, 44.1, 16, songs folder…

Ok, that’s a bit too much.

You can just click that “Yes, overwrite”, can’t you?

Sorry, talking to myself… :D

But I needed to correct that. Sometimes I was posting some bs…