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native dsp plugins in alphabetic order ? confuses me every time :wacko:


my title is gone ? :blink:

and VST fx sorted first by (not shown) directory then by name.

like this:

“steinberg/VSTplugins/PSP/” --------------> Piano Verb
“steinberg/VSTplugins/PSP/” --------------> VintageMeter
“steinberg/VSTplugins/Voxengo/” --------> EssEQ VST
“steinberg/VSTplugins/Voxengo/” --------> Tube Amp VST

not like this:

Piano Verb
Tube Amp VST

Agreed. I would really like to see plugin packs collected by default, cos some of them contain dll’s with different names, so they are scattered all over the list.

Additionally, how about a way to sort them yourself without renaming the dll’s? Reverbs in one dir, eq’s in another etc.

yep … if the VST’s are internal sorted by the directory too this is possible. some VST need the original installation path for additional stuff (e.g. presets or skin files) … but most VST can be moved anywhere.

And it’s hell to work with others (sending modules between eachother) when you have renamed half your VST directory.

I would like to have this totally customisable. Where you only see shortcuts to the plugins in you favorite plugin folder. This making it possible to organize/rename all folders/plugins as you wish.
It could look something like this.
This way you can just drag over your Steinberg folder, or your PSP or Waves folder etc. And you can still make your own folders like a ‘Reverb’ folder where you put all your reverbs etc. You can drag the same plugin several times over to your favorite plugin folder. And even put a hotkey on the plugin or even a single preset.

This idea was earlier posted in this thread and was also a part of the Middle View Browser.

Did’nt get much response though… as it may look a bit overkill :) But I think it would actually work.


That looks sweet :) Certainly something I would find extremely useful!

i think this is too complicated … Renoise isn’t a plugin organizing software ;)

at the moment Renosie creates a xml-file “CachedVsts.xml” maybe this should be customizable for everybody (sorting, sub-orders …) or something like this … !!!

I’m not a coder… so I just have to guess how complicated this can or can not be.

As for the user this is far better then editing xml files manually.

Anyway… To have control of your plugins is not a problem at all until you have quite a lot of plugins installed. Its just one of those fun and usefull things to have. Not a vital life-supporting feature.

It could be fun to have presets automatically saved within your ‘customplugin config’ as well. So you know all your own made presets will/can be saved in renoise configs. Sorta like a default .fxb file that will follow each plugin and will automatically be saved within your plugin configs in renoise. The first time you load a new plugin, renoise will import the default plugin presets, make a new fxb file and from now on save all new presets automatically into this .fxb
This way you wont loose presets if you reinstall plugins, and you dont have to browse for .fxb/fxp files when loading/saving presets.

I dont think you can do anything with CachedVsts.xml as this one only prevent renoise from testing if the .dll file really is a vst(i) plugin when you scan vst folder. It takes a lot of time to test all .dll’s.
CachedVsts.xml has a database of plugins it checks against… at least thats how I think it works :)