1.5 Volume Slider Now In Db Instead Of %

in 1.281 all volume/amplify sliders work in percentages (%). in 1.5 they work in decibels (db). I think percentages are much better than db.


perhaps, the devs could make an option to choose between % and db ;)

Personally I think dB is much better than % when it comes to volume. +10dB means an increasment of the signal power by 10 times, but what is that in percentage??? I guess about 333% in old Renoise, and that makes absolutely no sense to me…

Hehe, if the devs keep being asked to make things optional, we’re going to end up with a tracker screen full of toggle switches. ;)

No, I’m talking about the sound signal… and yes, it can be messured in intensity, power, pressure, voltage or several other things ;)

Well, if so, then the best and most correct way to set the volume would be 10*log10(x)=y dB where x is the multiplier of the original signals volume and y shows the dB-value, so if x is 2.00 the volume is doubled and the dB is 3.01 and so on ;) but that will probably be more confusing than good :D

To me, when dealing with samples, percentages feel a lot more natural (Quite simply, 200% of sample volume is pretty uniform and simple). But, when getting into VSTi - or when dealing with the actual signal from an effect, Db makes more sense.

Ultimately though, I’m most comfortable with completely arbitrary values ^_^

yep % is much much more sensible than dbs…as you see ppl can´t even say right answer like +6,8db rise but every dumb ass knows how much sample will get louder with 200% rise :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Exactly, I never know what percentage or Db something is going to need to be at ahead of time. It’s all either sense of ear, or directly proportional to something else. (which allows for complete [if consistent] arbitration)

Personally, I’m pretty comfortable with both, and I think they both have their advantages and disadvantages – I say use either where it’s needed. Much the same as I’ve been comfortable tracking with a mixture of hex and dec.

Alas, perhaps I’m just too conservative.

I think db’s are better 'cause I have no clue what ie +4 db enchance would do to volumes, so I am forced to use my ears.

But in the other hand I really did not look that much in the percentages either.

summa summarum: it seems that nobody (@renoise) doesn´t get dbs and/or either % way (except old ft2 trackers :P ), so it doesn´t matter if dev guys change it back to percentual way…

ps. i always though that +3db increase would double output volume but it doesn+t…but i KNOW for sure that 200% would do it, so…

Well it does double it, in wattages. If u got a 20w amplifier, then 40w amplifier produces 3dB more volume. But perceived levels are very realtive to many things, including personal hearing, so it’s very hard to say where one would hear the volume as a double to the previous. Basically, the smallest perceived change in volume should be 1dB, but that may be very subjective too.

Db’s aren’t straight measurement of volume levels but a logarithmic representation to give better impression how volume increase affects experienced volume levels. But you knew this already, did you not?

e:btw. how do you know that 200% was double volume? Did you hear it as a double volume, or did you just trust the numbers? In latter case, how can you know what is the thing that 200% setting doubles?

% are completely useless now when I think of it. dB are way better choise, cause they may have some real use. Not for me that much tho.

e2: And now for everyone of u who still wonders: 10dB increase should be approx. double the perceived volume, and 6dB will be perceived as approx. 50% increase in volume.

But who cares?

can´t really say was it exactly double increasement but in my ear it was and i saw in sample editor that “ooh, now it doubled”…

…dbs are fine in general volume handling where you can hear all the time (in realtime) that out coming sound but in sample editor % are must…you can´t hear that sample in real time and move those db sliders…but in % way you have that eye-ear-eye control.

sorry for bad english…don´t have strenght enough any more to argue about this thing…cos % is better, just give a try (btw kameleontti, i know for sure that you haven´t ever really use ft2. you´re lame impulse tracker :P. so don´t judge anything. believe me, %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% is soooo much better then dbs which you can´t even flood so easy on board…) or something :)


So how is it that you know it? In fact @ one point I made a lotta stuff in FT2, but because IT was so much better I sank my FT to nearest swamp.

And maybe in sample editor it can be better to have percentages, but in fact the db’s are just as good. Wanna 200%? Then double click on the dB level and write 6.0206 and vóila. Or just settle vor 6db, that is good enough.

I admit that this depends much on what you are used to, but dB’s are unviresal standard, so I have nothing against them.


And an option to use the option.

“uuuuuuuuuuhhh!!!” funny guy…but okay, i can allso be a smartass, take a look how you have already wasted space in sample editor:

-volume adjust button
-fade in button
-fade out button

…in ft these was just one button for these actions and behind that was two sliders :P



space rec/stop mode option is totally useless REMOVE IT!!!
default trackmute mode is totally useless REMOVE IT!!!
number format is totallu useless REMOVE IT!!!

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