1.5a All Versions - No Bug But A Suggestions

sorry if this themes are already mentioned in all the bug/idea stuff on 1.5alpha … but there are 2 things i really loved from 1.2x and i would like to suggest this for 1.5

1 >>>> it’s ok … now i checked the functionality of editing first/last row > jump … it depends on show next/prev pattern :) … maybe the “loop editing” in the current pattern should be possible optional on show next/prev pattern too!?

  1. i’m totally sad that the mute/solo mouse-functions on a whole track are gone coz of the context menu. i loved it so much to mute or solo a track by pressing the right mouse-buttons on any place on the track!!! and my suggestion month/year ago was ignored: BIGGER AND REAL mute solo/buttons (add column buttons too) instead of the small no usable [PLAY] [MUTE] mini-buttons.
    it’s ok that there is no real mixer in Renoise but … some small enhancements like bigger buttons or a switchable old-behaviour environment (context-menu off and old solo/mute with right mouse-button) would be GREAT!

  2. last … the new automation dialog is really great no special “add” for any automation device … all nice tree-like sorted in a window - but the small checkboxes on every automationable value works not like i thought: normaly i’m trying to switch on/off something like in such tree by clicking on the checkbox-fields. in Renoise i can do this too but i must do a double click and i can’t switch off again the automation for the selected value - i must do this by using the “cut” symbol on the env-editor. maybe it’s important to add the normal checkbox on/off usability!!! but the off-switch shouldn’t delete the env: only a real switch-on/off and the already edited env keeps in pattern/track data … something like this!

that’s all for today :) … i’m sorry that i haven’t so much time for alpha testing … but all users and the devs making a great and so fast job in these times of 1.5alpha! thanx!!!

  1. i disliked this very much too until i found that you are able to choose between looped edit or the new step-to-next-pattern-edit… search through the buttons at the top of renoise :)

about 1:

(last button on the upper right)

about 2:
you can solo a track by rightclicking on the little “PLAY” label on the top of the track. It is only a matter of getting used to it.

IT … are you drunk :w00t: ---- i’ve wrote my critics about the small play-labels (these are buttons or what?!) … and you help me with: you can right-click on the play-button. i can leftclicking on the button too but i don’t like it … hey i’m using renoise not at least since today!!! … but nevertheless thanx, IT!!! :)

err… no… I’m just working :wacko:

sorry :)

that’s no reason … :)

why u need to mute/solo track with mouse anyway?
i prefer to do it from keyboard…

simply coz i prefer the mouse for this!? -_-

but i hacked arround the renoise skin-elements (bmp’s) and it’s possible to change the size of the buttons a little bit and the whole changed size is right displayed and available as button ;)