[1.5a Aug 9] The Current Track Dsps List Missing

Why in Renoise 1.5 in Track DSPs there’s only the list of all available DSPs visible - what happened to the Current DSPs list? Has the Current DSPs list been removed or I just couldn’t find it? Hopefully the second as I really used it a lot.

Sorry if this has already been said, but searching produced no results.

Anyway, on the first sight the 1.5 looks sweet! Can’t wait to get back home this weekend and have some fun with it.

EDIT: Strange, two days and no replies. Am I the only one to miss the Current DSPs list? Devs - any word on that? Has the current DSPs list been taken out intentionally or will it reappear?

Yes, the list is gone, as you can do all that you could do with the list can now be done with the contextmenue or in the devicechainview itself.

The function Im missing from the current DSP list is the ability to copy a particular VST. i.e. if I want to copy an EQ and paste into a few consecutive tracks I cant now as I could before. I now have to scroll through the full list for each instance. I can see that this would be easier with the context menus but this option seems to be missing (unless I have missed something)

Would it be possible to add this functionality to the context menu?

There’s one thing I can’t get from the context menu nor from the device chain view as it is now - an overview of the dsp chain. When the DSP chain contains more effects, there’s no way of finding out which effects are used in the chain without scrolling the device chain view. As I often happen to use five effects in the chain or more, I truly miss the Current DSPs list - it showed all the contents of the DSP chain in one glance. Plus, it allowed for basic editing of the DSP chain contents - again - without the need to scroll.

As to me scrolling is not convenient, I was looking forward to see an improvement to the Current DSPs list in Renoise 1.5 that would move the scrollbar to show a selected DSP effect once it’s clicked in the Current DSPs list.

Instead, to my surprise, the Current DSPs list dissappeared. :o

Having worked a bit with version 1.5, I think that kicking out the Current DSPs list is a big step backwards in the ergonomy of the DSP chain editing. Please, Taktik, bring it back

By the way, I have a suggestion for the Device chain view - perhaps in time for 1.5 final. Since the effect parameters are already editable in text, could you please make an option of not displaying parameter sliders? It could save a lot of space in the chain

sorry guys - but i never used the “current dsp list” - don’t needed it in general B) … a real mixer is needed with dsp-stuff inside - maybe in later versions this dream comes true ;)

but the width of the list should be stored after quit … and the length of the slider button is too small on big fx-lists - maybe it’s possible to change the ratio of the number of entries and the resulting slider-length!!!

but copy/paste should be possible not only with fx-paramaters - with the whole single dsp from one track to another too …

lol, what the hell was THAT? :ph34r:

just two suggestions:

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Thanks Keith! :)

In the perferct world, we’d have a true mixer and a modular DSP view in which tracks and instruments could be routed to various DSP chains. But that’s far future. At the moment, as the mixer and modular view won’t happen in 1.5 and the Current DSPs list had already been there - why not have it back? If by a “real mixer” you mean one that would show a list of inserted track effects (like Sonar for example) - the Current DSPs list gave you the same.

I think it would be best if the parameter interfaces for DSP effects had scalable width with the slider lengths scaled accordingly from 0 length (only numeric fields and < > buttons) to inf. This way the user would be able to decide what interface width suits him best. Reordering and hiding parameters would be nice as well, but this might be too much… :rolleyes:


This one I have missed a lot too. But in the context menu is fine with me - no need to take back the old list.

in photoshop it’s past future … an old draft of mine :D

full size

but back to the theme … ok - the dsp-current-list is needed … ok - it’s not so good to simply kill features in future versions of software. if the features will not replaced with something similar or something that keeps the sense of the lost feature … i understand this.

so maybe a simple solution (and better solution vs. the old current list) could be a dynamic context menu with all the current fx of the dsp-chain as bookmark for fast jumping to the fx AND copy/paste-features for a selected fx. ???

@Alexander M. Korn:

Your Photoshop mixer really looks like something I’d like to see in Renoise in the future.

As far as the context menu goes, I would still miss the instant overview of the DSP chain - imagine, moving through tracks I would have to right click the DSP chain view for every track to find out what’s there. I agree that the context menu is a good place for effects copying/moving and stuff, but the Current DSPs list is better for browsing the contents of the chain.

Perhaps - if getting rid of the copy/delete/etc. buttons is Taktik’s goal - let’s get rid of them and put those options in the context menu, but leave the available/current DSPs list with the ability of scrolling to an effect once it’s clicked.

Taktik? Any chance the current list will come back (just for DSP chain browsing)?

Haha i’ve also done some photoshoping :D

this is an example how I would like to see a mixer with dsp:

click here

(ps. i’ve moved the config button and added some buttons i would like to see in the future :P )

i think that this whole mixer stuff is quite useless…although i use to do “mixing” all the time while i wrote song…and those who want afterwards do some mixing might find cubase (or other sequencer) & render an each track to separete file…

IMHO AFAICS in the images is that the mixers basically don’t do any more than what DSP effects and meta devices do, the mixers only just make it a bit more in one eye viewable.

As for Rewire support:
Propellerheads offerings does not sound so bad (which mustn’t be bad if they want their technique to be commonly used):

Propellerhead Software will issue licenses to companies in the audio or music industry interested in creating commercial ReWire applications.  
There are no costs involved. Propellerhead Software will administer the authorization, copyrights, logos and trademarks. The company will also provide the licensee with technical support, free of charge.  
Due to the legal aspects of the agreement you need to have a registered company in order to qualify as a ReWire developer. We do not allow private persons, schools, or companies in other types of businesses, to become licensors.  

It’s all in the game

Still, Renoise has a lot Cubase does not have. (Like more possibilities for sound-dynamics without needing various special plugins for that)

Yes, a mixer is realy a must. The thing I miss most is the individual VU meters for every track with clipping indicators, but ofcourse also the overview that a mixer brings.