1.5alpha Works In Wine!

Thought you’d like to know that Renoise1.5Alpha, straight from the box, works perfectly on Linux with the newest official Wine20040615, straight out of the box. Have not used this very much, but as far as I can see, it works just as it does in windows. Even the GUI-FX work smooth, this is on my Athlon 1800.

If you’re interested I can post bugreports from this envoirement, I’m not sure if Renoise has the goal of being Wine-compatible…? This is a ‘cheap’ but working way of running it on Linux, but of course native is always better :rolleyes:

Nice to know, Renoise works in Linux through Wine, but i don’t think for the latter bugs will be fixed for Renoise that pop-up in Wine but work perfectly in true Win32 environments.
Fixing it for Wine may cause it to function improperly in Win32 :D