1.8 Live Debut

I made the crasy dicision to do the next gig, which is tonight, with Renoise 1.8.
in this case the beta 6. (don’t dare to use 7 since everything is working now.)

I will report how it behaved, together with some footage if appreciated.

and if you are in the hood of Rockcafe Docx in Assen, the Netherlands.
stop by, it’s free.

Wish me luck.

Assen… voor mij maximaal drie kwartiertjes rijden Paul.

i will meditate and send “good vibrations” your way :)

i’ve tryed using renoise on live gig myself, and had a real hellish
time trying to get the next song loaded in the break, where the rest
of the band was building atmosphere ;D
its hard work.

can’t come back to 1.5, huh? :)

good luck mate

Can’t wait for this :)

Good luck!

Dang, we gotta do some live RNS-stuff in Norway as well, Xerxes can’t be the only one! :P

I’ve had an ambient-thing in my mind for months, surround even. Seriously hope I can get together a set and do a performance soon, will definetly post more later.

Hope you did well Drips, exited to see pics!

The gig has passed, Renoise 1.8 survived it all, multiple line-in devices, guitar rig, and realtime controlling of multiple midi-mappings.
the only real hassle was working around my, yet unexplainable buzz while loading, and that the focus always goes to the pattern sequencer while loading no matter how the force button is set.
non Renoise problems where a very ill singer :huh: and a shortage of DI-boxes.

I saw some of you where interested in some footage.
I made a pic of the set-up during the soundcheck.
and if you click it, you enter the magic world of youtube.

Enjoy, I hope:

some more pictures available now here:

It’s great without doubt. Even me who’s so little involved into Renoise development feel proud, no wonder what Taktik does feel :)