1.9.1 Won't Load From My Vst Directory

I have a peculiar problem. 1.9.1 won’t load from my Vst directory. Even though I use the same path to the vst that I use in my older renoise versions.

I go to Edit/Preferences/Misc and choose the same vst-directory that I use in the older versions of renoise. However 1.9.1 won’t find any vst instruments. I pres rescan but nothing. Have anyone else experienced this problem? Any good solutions?

I hope you can help me.


Does trashing the CachedVSTs.xml file in /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V1.9.1, then restarting Renoise help?

Was Renoise 1.5 the last version that you had installed on this machine?

That did it. Thanks alot!!! My latest version was 1.8.