10 Minutes Of Live Renoise

One of my first play-arounds with a little live thing I’m trying to get sorted from Renoise. Still usng 1.52 though, not downloaded the beta. To be honest it had been ages since I opened Renoise before I did this. Fairly simple hardcore type stuff, but give it a listen if you fancy.


For a live track, it’s not bad, but considering it as song, there is quite much missing. It has some nice ideas and beats, but somehow get’s boring when listening to it the whole length, it needs some catchy elements. I’m not using Renoise live myself, so i have no idea how difficult this might be.

Cheers mate. As I said it’s only the bare bones so far and there is much much to be added. Also a lot of f**** ups, such as missing out the vocal sample for the second drop as the track was muted and stuff. Although, as you’ve said it’s pretty bare and minimal, I have actually quite enjoyed it when listening back.

Going to try and extend it though, rather than keepign it as what seems like a live performed track. Not 100% sure of the best way to do this myself and am just experimenting. Neeed to get another controller, with more knobs to play with, and running v1.8 will probably help once it gets really complicated as v1.5 doesn’t free the CPU usuage when you mute tracks if 'm remembering correctly.

What renoise really needs to enhance the possibility of using it live is the ability to navigate the pattern sequence while still playing those you have set to loop, so you can easilly change what is comming next without having to drag and drop (which you can’t dso if wanted pattern is off screen) or know the pattern number and edit forthcomming pattern sequence by double-clicking. That and the ability to edit a different pattern to that which is playing.

Thanks for your comment though.

Maybe you can find some ideas, on how to use it live in this video.


That’s pretty mad but a completely different take on it. I’m relying quite a lot of a controller to change effect parameters. He’s doing a lot of editing patterns. If you have record on and you tweek a knob on your controller it will insert that value where the edit bar is and this will have serious consequences when you stop tweeking, especially annoying if you are looping more than one pattern.

The option to turn off effect parameter recording, rather than just the option to change between recording into automation or into track column, would be useful in this respect. Or am I just missing something really simple again?

the megadrives

these guys use exclusively renoise live. pretty neat.

Pretty impressive, the way they’re living through time backwards!

Pretty cool stuff Kazakore, nice to see more and more people are getting into doing live sets with Renoise. Maybe some of the more live oriented feature suggestions will get attention soon.