10 Questions

Amiga or Atari ST -
Samples and VST - (I prefer samples, But VST’s are handy sometimes)
Breakbeat or Breakcore - (What’s the difference? hehe)
Analog or Digital - (I like the warm analog sound, but I prefer digital, actually)
Distortion or Overdrive
Laptop or Desktop - (If I could afford both, that would be nice)
Software Synth and Hardware Synth - (I like hardware better, but software is cheaper :( )
Headphones and Speakers - ( Headphones for the nights, and monitors when alone)


Berlin or Paris - (I have never been in France, but maybe some day)
UR or Stay up? - (Que?)
Vynil or CD? - (both! psytrance on CD and Ambient and Goa on vinyl!)
DJM600 or Allen and Heath? (Pioneer Dj-cd’s are awsome but djm-500/600 mixers are crap!)
Mozart or Beethoven?
XLR and Speakon? - (XLR for studio and Speakon for PA!)
Electrovoice or Funktion one?
Vodka or Rhum? - (Beer?)
Sashimi or Bigmac ? - (Sashimi sounds disgusting, better be McShit then)
1 girl for 30 years or 30 girls for 1 year? - (Me love you long time, baby)


Amiga or Atari ST_______

never have used either

Samples or VST________

Vst samplers and alot if samples?

Breakbeat or Breakcore_______

Dubstep but to answer the question… breakcore if had to choose

Analog or Digital________

Dont really care…

Distortion or Overdrive________

Salt and pepper

Laptop or Desktop________

Laptop for gigs and destop for production

Software Synth or Hardware Synth_________

Use both equally

Headphones or Speakers_________

Headphones and speakers for shows, speakers for production.