1000 Music Books .Pdf / Doc'S Etc

Saw this on another board:

link does not work…had the same problem the other day copying and pasting from clipboard

it appears in the browser as:


something to do with links in quotes

thnx for the heads up, updated the link in the first post!

Interesting stuff, thanks for sharing Jonas!

On another note: I just realized that your location is set to Nijmegen! Funny, I live there as well :slight_smile:


people should really fill their location in their users. i like seeing where people are from.

checking out the books, thanks.

Awesome …maybe we can recommend stuff to each other .

thanks for the link




Nijmegen ftw! :drummer:

I just sherlock holmed to your homepage and see you’re a German that made the move to Holland instead of the other way around. Some people I know have moved, are moving or contemplating about moving just over the border (Kranenburg, Kleef) for better living conditions, cheap housing. By the way, interesting study you’re doing here, is the emphasis on psychology? I’m thinking about doing a masters in music cognition ( http://cf.hum.uva.nl/mmm/index.html?personal/honing.html&target ).



Yeah, I made the move to Holland because of my master studies 3 years ago (where the emphasis was on neuroscience, although of course at some points there is an overlap with cognitive psychology). I liked it here, and was able to get a PhD position, so I stayed. Music cognition is a very interesting topic. A friend of mine is doing his PhD in this area as well. Did you know that there is a music lab here in Nijmegen as well?



need an OCR>>>Notation>>>MIDI program now.

Thanks, that’s awesome!

These are copyrighted works, I don’t know where people are getting the idea this is a legal download. Harmony and Voice Leading is a $140 book.