101 Breakbeat Collection, Where???

Hello, Im searching 101´s breakbeat collection and I cant find it. Obviously I google it, search in the forums,etc but all the links that i found are down…

thanks in advance

well, I can recommend you this instead: http://rhythm-lab.com/breakbeats

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Try this one. A couple mentioned on a newish thread on DOA but one has a comment saying duplicates and missing files so hopefully this is the right one.


It’s actually 101’s Breakbeat Collection, not 101 breaks ;)

^^^^ this is the pack you want. this is the ticket. this download saved my breakbeating behind. i’m using my notoriety and fame to endorse jenoki’s collection 100 percent!

wow, thanks to all!!!
massive! I need more space (well, i need a new HD, 160 gb is so little now…)

The link doesn’t seem to work anymore :\
Is it possible to have this uploaded again?

Don’t you people buy any records???


Brilliant, lets all stay skint and miserable forever then… apply the same mindset to software and there will be nothing to make music with either.

fyi the creator of the pack called himself 101 so it’s 101’s breakbeat pack not a pack with 101 breakbeats.

I steal them, like Billy the Kid.
These packs are gold jenoki!!! I started the thread months ago, I haven’t reached the 5% potential of the collection.

I get an error that a lot of the files are corrupt. :unsure:

I tried downloading it twice. I’ll check on it again after I get off work though.

Wow. What a miserable statement.

I get the error too. it’s your file on the server that’s the problem jenoki

Yeah, the pack is somewhat corrupted. The archive manager says so at the end of unpacking. Well need to check out which files are. Not a big issue, since I have 101 break pack and Declassified break pack already.

I’m searching for the declassified pack, but all the links I find are dead. Would you upload it and share a link? : D

Yes, I’ll post it on my site soon. I’ll be hosting there also 101s breakpack. And the loops from http://www.mhat.com/phatdrumloops/beats.asp
The quality isn’t the best of the last pack, but it’s easier to sort them by bpm. This is what I’ve started doing and also looping accurately the moments of silence in the start or(and) the end of the wav loop.

Did you ever wind up posting this on your site? I’d love to get a copy of this stuff as well. Would buy the 101 Breakpack if I could. Kinda agree with Rex, buying records is not as horrible as it sounds. I really miss record stores.

Hey can i get the link plz ?