12-string Guitar Sample Demo

I recently dug up an old 12 string guitar I had lying around, and I plunked out a little idea in Renoise and ended up doing an entire demo track thing in it. This is the first track under my new name-alias thing.

I did this to ask if anyone would like a sample pack of some 12 string sounds and chords and stuff. If you want something, give me some suggestions of what you want and I’ll try to get it out.


Let me know if you’re interested.

Great texture and atmosphere. Lovely job. I am working on a song that currently uses a synth guitar…so if you have any sounds like that. …maybe it’s unnecessary though, can’t tell if it sounds corny as a synth or not. :slight_smile:

Thenk yer. I could record a little bit of stuff for ya to play with if you want, but you gotta give me direction on what you want out of it.

Actually at this point I think I’m good. Thank you. I’ve got a lot more to do before I obsess about the character of my lead sound.

Does this 12 string of yours do twice as much as my 6-string?
I am just wondering how one sounds in full capacity…

A 12-string guitar is essentially the same as a 6 string, but with most of the strings doubled with one tuned an octave above its pair. This creates a very shimmer-y sound that can’t be achieved with a 6 stringed instrument.

Here’s a good example:


I was more thinking about double headed guitars in that sense, but when i look closer to those, these are actually heads with a 12 and a 6 string configuration.
I found a three headed acoustic one which are truly three 6 string configurations. (well, the bass section only has 5 strings, sorry)
And guy plays them well… Not only by plucking

I’ve never liked guitars with more than one neck. No matter what shape the body has, only one of them will ever be in good position to play (i use classical/Segovia technique, so i’m rather picky about exact position)

As for 12 strings, they sound good for strumming chords, but it’s quite difficult to play lead passages or even arpeggios, especially with RH with fingerpicking.

Besides that, i’m not really too fond of the sound that the double string editions of 12 strings produces.

I could consider a use of a double neck to be able to have C-tuning and F-tuning right at your disposal. It doesn’t mean that you are using them with alternating dynamics, but just when you need the specific tuning.
More than two heads i consider pretty much overkill. Bill Baily has a 6 head monster and i haven’t seen him using more than the upper two heads. (and he isn’t even playing that well)
I suspect Joni Mitchell could have used a 6 headed guitar for all her different tuning sets

You can tell I had some trouble playing the lead part. It just takes practice though; I’ve been playing much more cleanly now with some work. A guitar is a guitar.