[135 Bpm] Breakbeat Rave With Wishy Washy Pads 'n Stuff

Finished a track I like to share :) . Find it here:


Or direct the mp3 here:


Words are always appreciated!



Thoroughly enjoyed that! Makes me want to ask many questions but then I think…no…that would spoil it :)

Thanks for the share!

that was a really fun tune, it had some real chemistry. thanks for the post!

awesomeness as usual. thanks again :)

dead rad.


Great tune.

You missed your calling as a superstar-aphex-precessor in the late 80s, sad how time makes these things less relevent in the social sphere

nice work sir. maybe it’s the coffee, but i think this song could sound even better faster!

The song has a really cruisy feel. But like, with some energy, too.

Also really enjoyed this - thanks for sharing.

… great song!!! … RENOISE? … good job!!!

thnx guys!! :)

Yep, sequenced in Renoise & ‘mastered’ in wavelab…

(also the edits in the middle section were done in wavelab)

very nice lush and gentle sound you have here. like it.

hectic stuff- nice!