16 Aliases Limitation

is there a reason for which there can only be 16 different channels for VSTi aliasing?

NI Kontakt2, for example, allows for 64 different instruments into its multis.

If this doesn’t cost anything, I suggest to overcome this limitation

Because VST’s use regular MIDI Notes/Channels messages for communication. MIDI channels are limited to 16.

its things like this where OSC would save the day!

since Midi is a sub protocol of OSC, there would be no need for conversion too.

upon loading an instrument, a namespace would be created. the vst would be given a dynamic amount of namespaces to use, with a midi wrapper in between for compatibility issues. using true OSC to link the midi wrapper with all of the namespaces. so wherever the trigger/message is coming from it would be directed to the namespace? :D

so like

all the way to infinity. could be possible?