16 Channels on Screen

Please , can you put the sampletracks, sendtracks.and clipboard section ,
below the track section ?
It’s like a banner in the work area . :wink:

If you do this, I can put 16 channels in screen , with note and number sample


1.2 release will allow a more compact view. you can hide volume and panning columns. even the effect-column if you dont use any effects in a particular track. this will allow even more tracks on a screen.

Yes . But if you move the intrument editor , and the sample editor labels, to the left , and put the sampletracks, sendtracks,clipboard… etc to the place down the actually sample editor label , you can liberate some space for more tracks. <_<

i think a little scrollbar (vertical) in pattern editor would be nice, coz that left button mouse holding to scroll (1.2b version) and click positing is a bit irrelevant when you want just to solo the track (it shift play position a bit if your hand makes little vertical movement) . so, is there a place for the scroll bar?