[188 Bpm Jungly] Rolina

Older track I haven’t spammed around, till now:


nice one, didn’t bore me one second! :)

thnx for the listen Vincent :)

pushing very straight forward. pure energy. feels a tiny notch glutted near the end.
and great drum work as always. thx for sharing.


Nice beat. Good melody, fine dnb track.


is that the sunshine break appearing for a few seconds several times?

luvely jonas! :)

a keeper! :)


Don’t have the .xrns here and can’t remember how the sunshine break sounds, is that the one ltj bukem uses in Horizon?

  • cheers for the listens.

no that’s a different one. in your song it’s for example at 1:49, that short hi frequency sound.

just asking, this is nothing important actually. just wanted to know if i’m guessed right :)