1985 Ep

  1. 1985 (01m:20s) (1.86 MB)
  2. Laughter (02m:38s) (5.34 MB)
  3. Dunno (01m:22s) (1.87 MB)
  4. Feedback (03m:35s) (4.99 MB)
  5. Ghost (04m:24s) (6.30 MB)
  6. Fireman (04m:23s) (5.75 MB)
  7. Window (05m:15s) (6.82 MB)

Grab a ZIP of the whole EP here: dblue - 1985 EP (22m:57s) (31.1 MB)

While digging through drawers full of old junk one day at my dad’s house, I found some cassette tapes filled with silly home recordings. One tape in particular contained recordings of my sister and I as young children; reading nursery rhymes, telling jokes, inventing bizarre radio stations and other ridiculous shows, plus a wide variety of other incredibly random sound bytes and noises. In other words, I had stumbled upon a sample goldmine!

“1985 EP” is a collection of strange, brooding, electronic rhythms that were inspired by the quirky, nostalgic sounds I sampled from that childhood cassette tape.


(all made with Renoise of course)


excellent…no other word…

Cheers man. Glad you enjoyed them.

That was really cool.

The track Ghost, goes straight into my toprated playlist! Very good stuff!

The other ones are ok but ghost is best I think.

Thanks you!

:D :D

Ghost is definitely my favourite, too. Such a fun track!

Great tracks, wery well produced. I’ve downloaded them all, I love all those cut up tape noises… just beautiful!


Really great work, man! It brings goosebumps to my arms…My younger brother and I used to mess around with a tape recorder too. I WISH I saved those tapes. It would be great to hear them now as a reminder of a simpler, less confusing life…

Thanks for the experience



Always been a fan of your stuff, always will be! :yeah:

shit! I had a listen through like a month ago or summat…
jus have to say I enjoyed them… nice!

Cheers :)

Very nice and atmospheric. Psychoaccoustic effects r cool.
Sometimes remind me JMJ, sometimes old electro tunes.
Kool, man :yeah:
Great creativity!
BTW: gonna download ur “MAD” trax. My nick was MAD MAX in speccy times also :)

Really great idea. Very nice arrangements and original sounds and modulation. Smooth, deep, dark, secret atmosphere. My favorite is “ghost”, a burner. Excellent work.

do not missunderstand me now.

f**** You dblue ;)

These tracks was just superb shitznit

Made a pls of them, and put them as my wakeupalarm on my laptop. I hope the random selector picks “Ghost” as the first track. I want to wake up to that one.

Perfect man. PERFECT!!! just made my day :walkman:

Once again, cheers to everyone who enjoyed the music and has given nice feedback. :)

nice work. like some1 else said…love those cut up tape samples.

This is not a bump. This is just me saying this should be on vinyl. :walkman:

Me love it long time!

hehehe… thanks man :)

I really appreciate the kind words. It’s been a long time since I was happy with some music that I made, but I was quite pleased with this EP. It’s nice to see that other people are enjoying it too.

ha this is nice man!

Really sweet DBlue!

Great tracks :)

Gonna have me a look around your webpage now

Thanks for sharing!