1st track in quite a few months (edit = mix 2)

Mix 2… :slight_smile:


Cheers, original post below…

Hi guys,

A few months back, I felt really exhausted and needed like a rest to zone the mind off of stressing music and stuff. But yesterday I just started working on this demo. Its the modern pop sound I’ve been trying to create for years now… Everything is 100% Renoise… produced, mixed, mastered… Just cause I disappeared for a few months does not mean I switched daws, or quit using the software :slight_smile:

I’m still working on getting those guitars to be recorded/sampled more cleanly. I guess a few more practice tracks. One of these days, I’d probably had better look for a vocalist for vocals, but I still feel, “not quite ready yet.” Also, this being the first track I’ve done in a while, and I don’t know when my next one will be… Gosh, I was really worn out, and tired… Can’t explain… Well, anyways

( Edit - here was the link to the original mix. but I decided to update the mix a little, so I am removing the link that was here )

Thank you for listens,

Cheers Mates

Renoise = Fate

Your mix is pretty much out of balance. Two things that are very noticable:
Your kick drum sounds like you cranked up an alternative metronome pretty hard. It has no real punch yet is way too loud in the mix.
The guitars are not really “in” the mix but somewhere accidentally running along.

You’re probably right… The guitars is an ongoing problem, and I have yet to sort that out. I didn’t think the kick was that loud in the mix, but I certainly messed it up, and I know exactly my error… Cause I sound designed it wrong, I did the pitch envelope faulty, and I think I tried to fix it with compression, I probably should have gone back to a sine wave and started from scratch. :slight_smile:

Either way, thank you for the help

BTW, what I would really like to do with the guitars is get them tight kind of like, “Beastie Boys’ish.” its been trial and error.

Mostly error… lol!!!