1xx And 2xx - The Difference Between Ft (?)


I’d like to know from the Renoise pro’s that what is the difference between the 100 / 200 command in Renoise and Fastracker2 ?? It sounds like the tuning is different. Also is there a way to make the 100 command behave just like in FT2 ?

Sorry if discussed earlier but didn’t find a topic on this earlier…

I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but, Renoise is not FastTracker 2. You have to expect some differences in the behaviour of each program. Rather than wasting your time trying to make Renoise behave exactly like FT2, why don’t you simply learn how Renoise works and use that to your advantage? The past is the past. Move on and embrace the future.

Yeah perhaps that is true…

Just wanted to know if there was some sort of percentage (%) to have as a rule of thumb that I could use like in the volume section… You can double the 00-40 values easily inside your head to match 00-80. Just wondering if there was a similar shortcut to use with the 1xx and 2xx commands.

But yeah… seems like it’s rt(f)m time for me… perhaps this can be found somewhere in the manual. =)