"$2,400 “Introduction to Linux” course will be free and o


Who would pay $2,400 for an introduction to Linux course in the first place? Is it really that complicated? :unsure:

Sort of goes against the whole free and open source thing doesn’t it.

That’s why they probably open it up to get it for free :)
Besides, google is more or less the best tutor in the most cases. Seek and find the answer.

Nopes it doesn’t. There are a lot of people that interpret open source a bit too wide; In the first place, Open Source doesn’t automatically mean free, that depends on the license. You perhaps have no financial obligations, but depending on the license you may perhaps not be allowed to redistribute the material or if you modify it, you have to open up your additional programming to the main project as well and you are of course usually not free to sell the open source project as a closed source project.
Stuff is open source to allow faster evolving and faster improvements and better security.

There are enough companies that implement Linux on a financial free base, but do pay for Linux support to have their desktop park maintained. That’s perfectly fine.

How that must chafe those who’ve already shelled out $2,400.

Those daddies or employers who shelled out the $2400 bucks… Smart students let their parents or their bosses pay for these kind of courses ;)

No, it really doesn’t. At least, not if you subscribe to Richard Stallman’s take on the topic, which he calls GNU. When you get a chance: https://www.gnu.org/gnu/manifesto.html

The long and short of it is basically this: free and open source software instigates viable and lucrative markets which specifically aren’t the selling and rights-holdings of developed software.


herp! looks like i’m late to this game :wacko: