2.5 Pdc Problem


Im reinstall teh 2.5 version.
Then load my music to it. Previously saved 2.1.
The PDC is completely get the music out of sync! in 2.1 i use PDC ON and anything fine.
All the VST plugins get outsynced. Gerritian Personal Orch., ProetusX2, Kore 2, Kontak 4

If i turn off the PDC all thing get back to normal!
What happens to this automatic PDC?


maybe the button got reversed ;)
i dont have Renoise here at job to try but i hope it will be fixed soon.
sounds odd anyways …

PDC works normally here. Would be great if you could show us a concrete example where it does not work here. To make PDC working plugins have to pass over the correct latency. Maybe some of the plugins you’ve used does not and thus makes the songs whole timing wrong?

restart renoise and some on and off on PDC would be fixed this!
but a bit strange indeed…

I can not really follow you. As said above, it would be great if you could find out more details about this. Why and where exactly PDC does not work for you, so we can have a deeper look into this?

I think he means he has solved by restarting Renoise and then pressing several times on PDC, so he cannot reproduce the problem anymore


But the problem is coming out again, with ProteusX2 (statuc buffer ON)
Dont know why, coz in Renoise2.1 it is work fine.