2.5 Release Candidate / Final Versions Soon?

Split from the “B7 released” topic:

Looking at the bug reports forum and 2.5 feedback section, it looks like Renoise 2.5 already is pretty stable. So I’d suggest we do throw out the first public release candidate after this beta - slowly come to an end. 2.5 Release candidate versions will also be available to non registered users, demo versions for the first time.

This also means we won’t do feature finetuning anymore for this release, only fix critical issues: Will do the last fine tunings to make this version a tank. Everything else has to wait for upcoming releases.

Do you all agree that we’re ready for an RC? Beside of the few still open topic in this forum, is there anything you think that is important to look at now? Whats your impression regarding stability from the last betas? Any feedback on this is very very welcome.

Extrememly stable now, and with the optimaizations with the sequencer, feels slicker too!

I`d let it loose on the public !

…been using the beta’s at least 4 hours a day past few weeks and didn’t had any crash or trouble

the SF and PM made the work flow so much faster and fun. :]


Good to go. Transferred almost all my unfinished 2_1 XRNS and some old midi files into one 2_5 XRNS.

despite all the support, i’d say the most not-so-important-but-possible functional/aesthetic additions possible. even non-essential ones. the more features, the more ecstatic the new users will be.

Its not that easy. The more stuff we change now, the more likely its that we break something. Thats the only reason why we have to stop adding new stuff at some point in the release cycle.

Its so damn easy to add a crash or other major flaws. Take the fullscreen probs in B7 as an example. This was also just a tiny change meant to make things better.

Just do RC, then final, then a couple of months rest then continue with 2.6
That’s what we all want as well :)

everything works perfect (for me). i had no crash the last weeks, and i use renoise 6-9 hours a day, at the moment :)
so i think its time for a RC.

understood. i’m in favor of an rc then. cheers

works perfectly for me - hence why im focusing on requesting additional keybindings and so forth :)

The loss of keygrab which I reported eon ago is still there and bugs the hell out of me. No idea how to fix it, reinstalling the whole system and changing window manager didn’t help either.

Have used B4 and just downloaded B8 last night. Using tons of plugs and no issues, was even running two instances on my laptop…granted the other running wavs and a few low cpu plugs, however, no issues…I think we are RC ready! As Taktik says, the focus should be on stabilty and adding other things may make it unstable!!

I generally give it a thumbs up. Some things I’d still like, such as shortcut keyset + arrows to move individual notes around the pattern, but it’s a great release and the pattern matrix has solved the complexity of moving through patterns for arranging and me being anal about pattern numbers and their order haha.

RC! RC! RC!!!