► 2.8.1 Beta Builds (Now Final)

I still got the crashes in 2.8.0 but the thing is when windows gives me the error message (warning about renoise crash ) and I DON’T click on the error message I can just continue working , when I click on the error message renoise crashes .
any ideas ?

I have the idea Microsoft changed something again in the UAC area, it seems that several problems occur since a recent Windows update.
Running a program as administrator doesn’t automatically warrant all access anylonger.

Hm I am running xp sp 3 , no internet updates that I know of
Really basic oldskool pc set up here

Unfortunately not. If those songs used to work just fine a few weeks ago, probably it’s indeed an updated plugin or something else you’ve updated on this computer?
Can you remember you’ve installed something new?

Or does this probably only happen in the most recent song(s) you are working on? If that’s the case then we could try checking those songs here.

Just wanted to mention I don’t have any crashes with pretty much the same specs (see sig) as gentleclockdivider. I even use ASynth. :)
Installed and uninstalled tools, installed some VST effects, all last weekend and everything worked fine here.
Hmmm… I got a bit more RAM (as much as XP can handle)

Sorry, I just haven’t had time to test out this beta build. Is there another round coming out before the final?

Same question, is this ready? It’s way pass “week” at this point.

workin good. Thnx

Sorry, got a bit stuck here with everything lately, and wanted to make sure that VV’s and Gentleclockdivider’s is solved before we do the final release. VV’s problem seems to be solved, was some problem with security settings and malware. Gentleclockdivider’s problem is still uncleared, but it seems to have nothing to do with 2.8.1, but something else.

Gentleclockdivider: Did you found out more info about this in the meanwhile? Or did the problem magically fixed itself?

As soon as this is clear we’ll make the 2.8.1 release public.

No taktik , the problem is still present .
I am using 2.8 now , an altough is happens less frequent , it still randomly crashes without a warning ( except for the windows warning )
I noticed that the crashes mostly happens when other windows are open or/and when navigating trough windows explorer ,sometimes out of the blue , when renoise crashes ( windows error code …see above ) I can still close and reload songs in renoise , even close renoise manually ( this is vital to me , If I close renoise manualy my audio driver is released from the process edirol ua 25 ) , as soon as I click on the win .error mesagga ; renoise dissapears (crashes ) and my audio driver is still active , so I have to hot unplug it

You running out of RAM? I know 2.8 gets crashy when I’m trying push beyond my feeble 2gb.

We’re fixed two more Lua API issues and released 2.8.1 “officially” now. Thanks for helping testing the releases!

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If you’ve downloaded the 2.8.1 betas, download them again please to make sure you are using the most recent version.

Wheee! (Craps. No excuses for not working on that tool again.)

And now all coding slaves can be lined in front of your secret projects! Wheeeee!

Running flawlessly here. Move topic to the General Discussion forum?

you will probably laugh at this , but I only have 1 gig of ram :)
So yeah maybe that’zs the problem , but I don’t think so