2 Buttons I Want Back

I would like to have the keyboard focus lock and the instrument auto capture from pattern on screen buttons back. I find these features very useful when doing my live performances with Renoise.
thanks, Renoise rocks!

For toggling instrument auto capture on/off there is a keyboard shortcut. Open Preferences->Keys and type ‘toggle’ to the search filed. Unfortunately ‘Lock keyboard focus’ does not have a short cut but you can toggle it from ‘View’ menu.

But you can also move your focus around with short cuts and with mouse wheel click.

Well, i can’t give you those two buttons, but i can give you this one:

Is there really a hidden white button? :wacko:

Would prefer a Capture Nearest Instrument button back than one to toggle automatically capturing on/off. Think this being removed was a bad move personally.

But while doing things live learning the keyboard shortcuts would probably help you a lot more than having a button and reaching for the mouse.

I found the short cut for keyboard focus. alt + “click”
I can make this work. But renoise needs a red button. I don’t know what it will do or be used for but it needs to be there.

Yes, there is.

:o Hidden white button?

I find myself wanting it back, even though I would disable it most of the time I continually find myself looking for it.

And to find it I have to click on every pixel? <_<