2 Chips With 1 Keystroke

What I would like to be able to do is control multiple tracks by inserting notes into a single track.

Is it possible? If so how would I go about it?

For example:

-I have 1 track with a sine wave
-1 track with a triangle
-and 1 with a pulse
All at the settings I want.

So baisically this is set up like a 3 part synthesizer to get the sound that I want. (Kindof like FLstudios OSCx3)
It would be nice to be able to hear the sound of the 3 together with a single keystroke instead of copy/pasting from one track to the next.

Is this possible?

Officially:No, not possible.

With scripting:yes partially using scripted OSC rerouting hacks.
And then you can only play multiple instruments at the same time ofcourse with some latency. When it comes to sending midi messages to all these instruments, this gets even more problematic.

But if you need the bare minimum and don’t mind the few msecs of latency between each strike:

As a disclaimer: I must confirm Taktik’s response that a native solution is still the better plan in this regard though.

If using single cycle waveforms, like it sound as if you are, then it is kinda possible by using LFOs, Signal Followers and Hydras and having the note always playing. Not sure if that helps you much and the way I think you are asking for is no possible…

aplogies if this is oversimplifying the situation - have you thought about bouncing your triangle, pulse and sine in to one sample using Render to Sample?

I know it’s not as flexible as triggering three seperate instruments but I thought I’d post in case it hadn’t crossed your mind.

Yes! I’ve tried that once or twice but didn’t get the effect I wanted. I like to contol the LFO of each independently to create some varying flux.

I can think of a way to do this using my MIDI keyboard and sending a signal with one key to 3 seperate tracks. I think I can do something like this with MAX by sending the initial signal to MAX and routing that signal to the 3 tracks. That would require me buying MAX though, and I’m not even sure it’s possible.

Are there any other programs that I can send MIDI to that will take the signal and send it to Renoise?

What I’m trying to achieve is something similar to the Alias feature in Logic.

It’s definitely possible to do it with Pure Data, which is free and open source.
It can commmunicate with renoise via MIDI or OSC, but I don’t know which one is giving better performance.
There will always be some latency added, but with proper configuration it should be possible to keep it small enough for live playing.

Pure Data!
Thanks. This will be useful.
Any aims at how to set it to control multiple chips at the same time? I imagine Renoise will probably only want to play on the selected instrument. But I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

No when using OSC you can send a message to trigger a note from any specific instrument you desire, not just the selected instrument. You also have to send the tracknumber along where the chosen instrument should be played on.
Though, at the same time is only an interpretation, messages can only be send one at a time, but the sequential timing can be so close, you can’t really distinguish the latency difference.