2 Ideas Concerning Selection

I browsed the forums and found some posts concerning selection, but not as clear as these 2 suggestions below:

  1. Simply: it would be really useful if users had the ability to select multiple sections in a pattern/song, the ALT key can be a good companion in this case:

  2. A Track Lock feature would be very handy again when you want to exclude a track from any changes. Suppose that you want to transpose a whole song/pattern, but drum tracks need to remain unchanged. Nothing can be added/deleted from a locked track whether the EDIT is on or off, and they are excluded from selections:

Yes I agree I have requested both feature too. But also abliity to subtract from selection.

My similar suggestion to tracklock was to have the option in advanced edit to not or only affect muted tracks.

Though tracklock would have to advantage of one being able to play the song direct after without having to unmute any tracks.

Though often its only the drums you don’t want to transpose…

But it would mean less coding by just using the muted tracks as content mask.

Indeed. :)

This is also a good idea, muted or turned off tracks could be excluded from selection or change, yet I think a track lock would be the ultimate solution.

+1 yes alt clicking multiple selections would be cool and has been mentioned before by me aswell :) Same for, being able to create multiple selections over different patterns etc.