2 Midi Inst On 2 Apps

i have two midi instruments drums and keyboard
but i cant play with them in 2 saparate renoise apps
(1 app midi in keyboard)(2 app midi in drum)
(both instruments works alone great)
simply works only first run application
its not a renoise problem because other stand alone apps thread the same.
but i cant find any information whats wrong,any tips

do you have put each instrument MIDI out into a separate MIDI input? either so or not, did you set a different MIDI channel for the two instruments?

keybord is usb,and drums goes to scard midi in,
in midi port list is to inputs (two separate midi inputs)

and i tried to change midi chanel on my keybord but nothing hapenned
Iam novice, maybe i do something wrong or my system not good?

maybe is info somthere STEpBY STEP