2 New Electro Songs :)



Please tell me what you think about the songs ;)

I need tips on what i can make better in next song :unsure:

I’m not huge on euro/electro but I’ll do my best to give feedback :)

First track: Got a cool groove going. I like the transition and build up again. My only gripe is the trumpet-ish synth (e.g. at 0:35), which sounds to me a bit like general midi?

Second track: I like this one a lot more. Cool beat and rhythmic synth-bass. The vocal sample could be used a bit more thoughout the song perhaps?

The mixing on both tracks sounds really good to me on headphones. Keep it up!

Thank you for the feedback ;) I agree with you in every way. In the first track: I’m not so satisfied with the trumpet sound too.
In the secound track: I don’t like the vocals too, and i should fiddle/tweak with that a little bit more before the release.

Thanks again! :lol:

Absolutely love the bassline in the second song, just your leads tend to be a little cheesy man!

Thank you for the feedback ;) what do you mean with a little cheesy? Are they too bright, too soft or what do you mean ^_^

sounds pretty cool both tracks. you have forgotten the mandatory superpumpcompression for it to be (ahum) “real” electro-house… sounds quite refressing to be really honest (y)

i like your small edits / fills / drops you do here and there keeps the whole track moving and gives momentum.

I think you should use more effects. Its nice melo, but both sound a bit dry if you know what i mean.

Yes i understand, thanks for the tip :)

Do you mean that my songs need more compression om the master track? :huh:

nah man, was more of a pun on all the mainstream electro beeing pumped up beyond recognition till there are no dynamics left… most sound very flat because of the overload of masterchannel fx they put on. i ment that you shouldnt do that to your track and it sounds well as it is now ;)

Thank you very much, i understand what you mean ;)