2 New Tracks!


Not posted for a while so I thought I’d share 2 new tracks I’ve been working on. I wrote loads of acoustic guitar stuff so thought i’d get some down but the strings are taking over! Anyway, any comments much appreciated…

I Shed A Tear For Your Aching Heart

Feeling Nothing Was Everything

Thanks for listening!

ai sir, love your stuff!!


Awesome tracks I love orchestral music mixed with fast beats!

Very nice tracks… I like how you are getting your own sound with still that vsnares feel.

Cheers guys! Argh I acidentally uploaded an older version of one of the tracks, missing some automation… not too worry, there’s not a huge amount of difference in them!

Can I bug you about what you used for the strings?

Very nice work, I really like Feeling Nothing was Everything, exactly my cup of tea :) more than “just” Vsnares influenced music, if you know what I mean. Keep us posted!!

Cheers BotB, I’m always working on new stuff so I’ll be sure to post whenever there’s something worth posting!

grinick: I used Eastwest GoldXP library, hope that helps.

Anymore comments/crits about this stuff?

You could get more impact for those beats because they sound a bit
muffled/muddy. more contrast between high and low frequencies on
the overall mix could bring out those beats and bass more, too…
but that could also be a matter of taste. still, your tracks could do with
a more ‘polished’ or ‘clean’ mix, it suits the style in my opinion.

Could do yeah, I guess I dont want to fall into that hyper-produced DnB catagory, I like it sounding just a tad raw. They’re the first tracks which I’ve tried in my car and though… ‘Yeah, they don’t actually sound too bad’. Bass is a monster to get right! A MONSTER!