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especially on their interaction with each other:

[center]or do you think it works better with this one?


MIMEtype faking, huh?

mm? If it doesn’t send the correct mime type that’s a bug, not a feature.

More like “extension pretension”… but that’s just because the forum requires it. The dummy string is just so you don’t get the same image twice… otherwise it’s just “a random image with a high enough rating and portrait aspect ratio”. It’s trolling, not h4x0ring :lol:

Here’s a landscape one, because this thread already died :) Well, to be honest, I didn’t expect it to work here, but elsewhere people are reacting in various ways and I don’t even know which image they are referring to hahaha… one person even said “thanks, I needed that” and it almost made me feel bad… but just almost. :o

Next up is adding modifiers I guess, so I can restrict it to new images or those with certain tags.

(I LOVE to go nuts that way ^_^)


This is so super awesome… it’s like the tower of Babel all over again. and I haven’t even scratched the surface! “here, I’d like to print this photo of my cat, but I’m not so sure about the lighting, any hints?”

On a related note… did you really think I’m swapping my avatar every week? :huh:

Does it work only in some special browser? I only see those “IPB Image” things.

well, I was just working on it, to allow for parameters that make sure it doesn’t generate the same image twice (unless that is what I want) ^_^

I know I did. Now I’m not so sure :o

In Opera this thread totally works, I’ve seen the avatar repeat twice, since I can recall remembering.
Not sure if the myspace thread works or not.

Either way, this Idea is dangerous! :D

i be loving the ant one


finally I figured out the mysql rand(seed) thing :rolleyes:

Daily Thumbnail Gallery haha!

[![](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 thumbnail st~1 blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 st~1blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 thumbnail st~2blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 st~2 blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 thumbnail st~3 blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 st~3blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 thumbnail st~4blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 st~4 blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 thumbnail st~5 blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frpp freq~86400 st~5blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 thumbnail st~6blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frppfreq~86400 st~6 blah~bleh.jpg)
[![](http://johann-lau.de/frpl freq~86400 thumbnail st~1 blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frpl freq~86400 st~1blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frplfreq~86400 thumbnail st~2blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frplfreq~86400 st~2 blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frpl freq~86400 thumbnail st~3 blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frpl freq~86400 st~3blah~bleh.jpg)[![](http://johann-lau.de/frplfreq~86400 thumbnail st~4blah~bleh.jpg)](http://johann-lau.de/frplfreq~86400 st~4 blah~bleh.jpg)

I can quickly tell that the file comparer finds no differences, so regarding about that, folks can stop searching for differences, because there ain’t any (except the filename).

but how does that make you feel? is it similar as “playing the exact same note two times”?

IS there such a thing as an interval between two pictures? Is that mere spatial distance, or something more sublime?

I wonder. I WONDER!

Then again, I could just look at the code to see why adding new stuff broke the old links, but it’s so… zen! :D

Aha in that matter…
I was frankly hoping for a “find the ten differences” game… but that makes more sense if there actually are ten differences :P
It does not make me feel anything because the main image for itself has no message.
The posted link to the other topic uses images that at least causes your memory to associate the scenery with something that does call up emotions.
I think you would harvest more success if you would use two identical images of M.C. Escher, it would make me feel more confused than i would already be with one image :P