2 Psychedelic Songs For Your Consideration

I’m really trying to get good at producing on renoise. Here’s a song I made, I went for a vintage 80s/futuristic vibe. I hope you like it, and any opinions are welcome!
Flux CapACIDor:

Also, here’s another song I made one gloomy night - we’ve all been there.
Is This What Dying Feels Like?


two very different songs. I like the first one in particular, very well arranged and creative. The second one is more like a “one idea” song, but works well for me.


I very much enjoyed listening to both of these tracks. Thanks for putting them on here.

That first one… you put a lot of stuff into just 3 minutes! I mean that in a good way. It’s a dynamic and enjoyable piece.

thx for posting, liked them both.

The first one reminds me a bit of justice (in a positive way)
with that slap bass sample you got in there and the general mood at some points.

I actually prefer the second track because there is not so much happening all the time, but I guess that’s just my opinion.
That rain stuff and the dripping noises throughout the track give it a real nice chilly feel.

Thanks for all the nice comments, its great to hear other peoples opinions!