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Hi everyone

My name is daniel and im from spain.

Im trying renoise few days ago and im starting to love it. I think that its one of the perfect program for me but ive got some questions.

First of all, can I do a sidechain with renoise? I would like how to do it because i use to work a lot with it.

Second of all, i would like to automate the bypass (to put on or to put off) in all the effects. Can I do that?

Thank you to everybody


There is Signal Follower device in 2.5 which creates something similar to what people call sidechaining.

Yes, if you right click on the enable/disable toggle it will leave a pattern command in current edit cursor location, this turns the effect on/off. Depending on what you are doing, automating parameters or sends may be more useful though.

Welcome to the forum Daniel, I think I know you, I’m Alessandro!


They’ve already replied to your questions, so nothing to add…

Hi to everyone and hi for you Alessandro!

Im gonna try to do the sidechain with renoise. Maybe this weekend because i dont have enought time to play every day renoise.

Its to easy to write the bypass with Renoise! Just i need to learn how to do a sidechain.

Thanks again to everybody. Im gonna try to play one song with Renoise and if i like it, im sure that im gonna buy it.