2 Related Problems: Melodyne Doesn't Play Nice With Renoise

The main problem I’m having is that Melodyne plugin doesn’t seem to like it if I close Renoise and open the project back up.

I’m running Renoise 1.9.1 Windows and Melodyne Plugin vst 1.02

Here is what Melodyne does (and is supposed to do) after you “transfer” audio to it: Since it processes audio independently of the host application, it will play what has been transferred into it even if you start playback somewhere other than where the sample was triggered (similar to Cubase or other sequencers, and a feature that Trackers, to my knowledge, do not support).
The problem is this: This feature of “playing back anywhere” only works during the first instance of running Renoise after I’ve transferred the audio. If I close Renoise, open it back up, then try to hit play anywhere in the song, I can no longer hear the audio from Melodyne :( I’ve tried stuff like reinitializing the audio engine, but can’t get anything to work

The only way I know of right now to get around this is to leave Renoise up all the time… But the problem I have with that is that it gets slow after a while (like overnight), and choppy, and pretty much unusable. I’ve tried reinitializing the audio with this too, and it didn’t seem to help. My CPU is: Core 2 duo e4300, 1 gig RAM, m-audio delta 44, so I figure my specs shouldn’t be affecting it. (it also did this with previous onboard soundcard too though)

So, if you could answer any 1 of the following questions with a “yes”, then it would solve my problems :)

  1. Is there a way to fix Melodyne to work right in this situation?

  2. Is there a way to make Renoise not be slow even when you leave it on all the time?

  3. Is there another program, maybe a 3rd party plugin, that will process my tracks as audio so I can start/stop on patterns other than where the sample was triggered and still be able to hear it?

(A couple of times, I’ve rigged this to work by importing the audio into Fruity loops vst inside of Renoise, but it was pretty much only useful for keeping time because it had lots of static and crap at the time, but that was several versions ago on both programs)

oh well…

i guess i will have to start using cubase now :P

actually, now that i think about it, i think i will use cubase as a vst inside of Renoise for vocal processing from now on

Which melodyne product do you talk about?
The note-recognizing or the vocal product?
The vocal product has been reported earlier that it doesn’t work well Renoise.
Taktik applied a few fixes for Melodyne, one of the fixes was inconclusive (the second link) if it applies then bump it up again…

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Other melodyne related topic:

i gather it has something to do with “autosuspend”… anyway, i found a workaround… entering silence into the pattern where you need melodyne to process, makes it work. it just needs SOMETHING triggered. i read in the manual that some hosts require that. the messed part is it only needs to be done after you reload the song

but oh well. got it all sorted now :)

i’m working on the project with a friend and we are swapping the files back and forth, i will ask him if it works correctly on his end