2 Renoise Themes

The first one is a small modification to the “lz_monoblue.xml” theme.


The second one was derived from a color mod i made of a Wusikstation skin, which was created by Synthpulse. This skin does also work with V1 of Wusikstation.

Download | Matching Wusikstation Skin @ KVR

Edit: Just did a quick fix for the second theme. The cursor in a track was not clearly visible.

The second one is pretty sweet.

Added another theme to my site, thanks dblue, for the camo texture.


any chance of one that looks like microsoft excel???


New Theme:

download @ http://www.sQeetz.com/Stuff/Renoise/sQnewTheme.zip

I also included a new cursor set & a new textures set.
enjoy. :)

Good theme!

thx. :) I also just realized that changing the HUE setting for it to -11.250 looks a lot better IMO. :)

Nice one Sqeetz! :)

Wusikstation looks awesome, is it any good?

I love my Wusikstation, it’s a really versatile rompler with a huge sound library and good support from a very friendly developer. Also you can buy many addons for it from third party developers and currently a sale promo is running, where you can save 45% as a new customer.

You should check the reviews here: http://www.kvraudio.com/get/1102.html
Purchase page: http://wusik.com/?pagep=wusikstation/purchase

I saw some second hand Wusikstation offers at the KVR Marketplace recently, so worth a try to save some bucks as alternative.