2 Screen Killer Style

2 screens (imaging) having two screen to work whit… now that i have got myself two screens, it would be so cool to have the Sample editor on one and the pattern editor on the other screen. dos anyone of you guys know if that is a possibility. if renoise cant do it. aren’t there a little plug-in engine that can do the job? :ph34r:

I don’t think it’s possible atm. But I think you can run Renoise on one screen and your plugins on the other.

Having multiple views in renoise would be a solution to this.

yeah multiple views is exactly what i need. and to add some gasoline… it would also be a bit wicked if it was possible to see the pattern editor going horizontal=) like a time lined sequencer. i know that it is a sensitive thing to say. but still i think it would be killer… at least to have that as a second opportunity compared to the tracking approach. (there i said it and trust me… it took a lot of nerves) :ph34r:

Rotate your screen like they do in this dell monitor review :D


HeHe… you got a point. it´s quit funny though cause i have actually try´d it.