2 Small Frs

1. I want that small arrow back for collapsing the last effects column if possible. :D

2. I have used Tone2 Filterbank2 quite a lot in my songs and with version 1.4 Markus introduced different VST IDs for the synth and fx part, because some users have complained their host could load only one. When i load an old song now, Filterbank2 has forgotten it’s settings. Markus has given a hint how to fix this, maybe one can add that little quirk to Renoise, so that it recognizes all presets for Filterbank2.

Here is a quote from Markus.


I know one way to fix this but you have to have your old VST edition as well.
You can copy the parameter settings to the clipboard and then paste it in a notepad or text-editor.

There you could also change the contents and paste them back in the new VST edition.

The VST parameters in the song are saved in a sort of Mime format so it’s a bit cumbersome to edit the song.xml (from the xrns archive).
You can open up the .xrns and .xrni etc. files in winzip and unpack the contents.

That is one way, i agree, i could also save presets with the old version and reload the modified one back in the new edition, that is still very cumbersome and i’ve used Filterbank2 really a lot. I’ll have to ask Markus for an old version, i don’t have a backup anymore. Also i’ve just found out, Renoise 1.5 loads them fine, so maybe a bug? Will do some testing now.

I’ve found a workaround, i can load an old song in 1.5 and simply save it again, then i can load in 1.8 without problems, very strange.

Maybe some frequency rate is involved as well? (44Khz vs 48 or lower Khz rate the plug can’t handle unless stated to work with when saved along the preferences?)

I always work at 44kHz, that shouldn’t be an issue, seems 1.4 of Filterbank2 is accepting the old presets and saves them in new format, when the song is saved with Renoise 1.5, maybe the new VST 2.4 spec is different and it isn’t accepting the old presets anymore, i have no clue. But a simple saving sessions shouldn’t take to long to fix that. :)