2 Smargaid Maerd - Buy It Now!

Who would have thought that these days to even attempt to become a successful musician you’d have to learn HTML, PHP and CSS?! Whatever happened to just strumming a guitar? Nevertheless, I have finally got up and running The Shop for my website. Go have a gander: things are basic for now, but at least we’re up and running.

So to celebrate the opening of The Shop, I’m making available for purchase a FLAC version of 2 Smargaid Maerd. Click here to buy it!What does this mean? Well, for $AUD15 you get 19 16bit-FLAC files (high quality audio) contained in one whopping 745Mb RAR download. But I hear you ask “why buy this when all the mp3s a free anyway?” - My answer is: the FLAC files are of higher quality than mp3s, and this is a great way to show ‘your support for the artist’, so to speak! So hop to it! Your help may actually help pave the way for bigger and better projects to come…

Still not convinced? Try the mp3s here. Or maybe you would like to enjoy some album artwork? Like a little more background information? Read here! Maybe after you’ve had a listen you would like to write a review? Let’s go >

A thank you must go to everyone who has supported this project to date, from when the music was made back in '03, to more recently getting all this web stuff going. Mick Rippon in particular has been a big help with advice with PHP and CSS, so thanks Mick! Much more shop material to come…

Thanks Kaneel! Rural music for sure :D However, judging by the threads on this forum, I should have GUESSED that I’d be selling this album in 2008 - so back in 2003 I should have been writing breakcore!

Armidale is NOT a frozen shithole.