2 Songs: Synthetic & Heatseeker

I’ve found 2 old songs from me which i made in the mid of 2004. Thought i post them here. :D

Beatslaughter - Synthetic | Dark Electronic

Beatslaughter - Heat Seeker | Goa/Hardtrance

weird nobody posted on these tracks yet… FANTASTIC quality. very tight production, great synthriffs and melody lines. goa ain’t really my preferred style, but this was really kick ass!

made in renoise???

keep it up beatslaughter :)


don’t you dare to keep something like this away from public that long again! ;)
well produced stuff mr. slaughter.

only complaint:
i am not too fond of the mastering on heatseeker as the kickdrum sounds a bit too backgroundish and lacks punch as the synth-thunderstorm tends to superimpose.

keep’em coming!

Well, probably nobody posted because no one found something to improve on these tracks. They are very well produced!

Thanks for the nice feedback! :D

The story behind these two tracks is, that these are made on a DAW, which i borrowed from a friend for some months, while he visited his friend in america.

He’s working at a german music software distributor and had a lot of nice stuff on his machine. The tracks were produced using FL Studio and using some synths i don’t own. The “Heat Seeker” song is made of a bunch of single shot samples and the Vanguard VSTi. “Synthetic” uses also a bunch of single shot samples, the Vanguard VSTi and as far as i remember the Absynth 2 VSTi.

There was no serious attempt in really mastering these tracks, i simply used the Dynasone VST on the master channel, choosed a preset and tweaked it a little bit until it sounded fine for me. I’m not really good with mastering stuff. ;)

I thought of installing the demo version of FL Studio and transfering the songs into Renoise and rework them with other synths i own. But this would be really complicated, especially with “Heat Seeker”, this song has lots of automation which i had recorded with my midi controller. I think the first candidate would be “Synthetic”, because this is a fairly simple song, the only thing would be the flanger effects of the drums, don’t know if i get similar results.

Let’s see, what the future brings, i have lots of unfinished stuff on my hd but nothing i would say is complete. :lol:

Greets, Alex