2 Sound Cards

is it posible to route track or master stream (with vst ?..) to two sound cards
or to different 5.1 chamels.
For a long time i cant find any method…

To route to different channels of one soundcard, this only works with the ASIO driver, using two soundcards only works in 1.8 (where you can select a different in-device and a different out-device). You cannot route to 2 soundcards simply because you can only select the outs of your out-device (if we talk about 1.8)
There might be tricks that your soundcards support (like digital loopback options that allow you to use the line-in meta device and send the result from it in the track to the other soundcard) but these are tricks and the hardware has to support looping back the audio.

i see
but i dont understand how to make 5.1 (6) diferent chanels
from stereo master even with asio drivers.
two sound card is needed for playing 4 diferent chanels

Not nessesarily, but if both of your soundcards only have stereo outs, i guess you’re right.

My soundcard has 5.1 outs and with it’s ASIO driver, i can control my soundcard on set-level which means the front-set, rear-set, center-speaker and subwoofer level.
Each audiocard has it’s own particular methods of control though they all send their channel setup to Renoise and Renoise gives you the list of choices the audiocard can handle.

If i read (and correctly interpret) what you really want to do, i would rather recommend you to look for a different soundcard that has this 5.1 or 7.1 output AND asio driver that gives you the ability to control your speaker-sets (if you desire that) in the way you want it to so you can send/route specific tracks to it. They do exist (Terratec DM6fire is one of them, but from personal experience wouldn’t really recommend you that one).


i want stereo guitar track to send to one pair (stereo) of 5.1
and stereo paino to other pair of 5.1
i have too traks in pattern
now what shuol i do?
there is nothing in track metadevices related with external routing
onli internal s00 s01 s02 …
so how to send one track to rear speakers and one to front?

It seems to me that you want to mix to 5.1 dolby, and Renoise does not currently support that. You only have the ability to selectively place individual tracks in a 2 channel stereo field, not a 6 channel dolby field.

I am pretty sure Pro Tools supports 5.1 mixing, and most likely Nuendo does as well. Also, Sony Vegas might. I’m not sure about Cubase/Logic/other standard “musician’s” sequencers.

Ok, I have another 2 sound card “problem”. I have a on board sound card and a sb live…now I would want to use the mic input from the onboard but that the output would pass trough the sb live. So I could, let’s say, hear
voice and guitar at same time.
I guess I could just record each of them seperatly, but I would like to listen from the same output…I guess I could do this with, let’s say sonar…but I hate it lol…maybe a program that can record 2 different input but then again I would get latency if I wanted to do a live jam, so it would suck.

Uh…hope I didn’t lose you too much hehe

In renoise I can choose a different out then the in but, I couldn’t find anywhere where I could use 2 inputs…