2 things I learned today that made me feel stupid

I installed Renoise on my little shitty netbook a loooong time ago when I first got Renoise, and then never used it because I thought I couldn’t because it wouldn’t physically fit on the screen. It chopped off the bottom bar with Track DSPs, Automation, etc. It never occurred to me until today that there (duh) could be a way to toggle it. I’m sitting in class (I meddle with stuff on my netbook during class to stay awake) and click view and see “show upper frame” and “show lower frame”. Well no shit how could I have been so stupid as to not think of that. (Also there’s buttons at the upper right that do it too)

Now I’ve been having this issue with importing midi where it would create a project with 4 lpb. Well I like to use 16, so I can’t use the copy-paste method to get midi data into my projects. I’ve been thinking of things like “maybe there’s a way to stretch it in advanced edit… nope… maybe I can do this or that” and it just never occurred to me that there might be a setting to change this. So once again, sitting in class, and the ONLY reason I noticed this is because I had to manually find my VSTs folder and for some reason clicked files before I clicked Plug/Misc, and there it is.

Yes. It’s called Expand. Click it twice to quadruple size and go from 4LPB to 16LPB.

Remember to use your Selection Mask, if having MIDI in another instance of Renoise then Whole Song is probably your friend.

i was going to look for the expand, i know i was able to do this with modplug, i figured it was in renoise to, just never got around to looking for it. good to know its in there