2 Things!

hey hi:)

OK i have two things that i think would be nice!

being able to automate the bpm no matter what tempo you are working in!
i mean so far it only reach 256 bpm when writing it via the commands yes…?
what if you are working in let’s say 300 bpm then its just not possible.

being able to make an instrument from no matter what window you are in!
i mean when making the instrument you have to go in the “sample keyzone”
and then press " drum kit"

anyway i hope it makes sense…maybe there’s some logic behind the why not, that i cant see, so please bear with me, it has just been bugging me for a while now…so yes…

kind regards

For no.1 see my thread here: Extension To The Bpm Command

No.2 can’t say I can personally see the point, you want to be able to see the basenote and which keys are assigned and switching to Keyzone view isn’t really that hard is it? Not like generating drum kits is something you do again and again and again. Or at least I don’t…

nice thanks:)
1.i see, very nice indeed.
2.and yes its an luxury question and not that big a problem just a thought.