2 Track Hardcore/Dnb Madness

Dead by Silence - Hardcore Massive

a broken industriel hardcore fueled dnb track


Dead by Silence - Nightmare

A tribal dark drum’n’bass track

Those are only clips, not full tracks.

I have a feeling that small labels actually limit the promotion of a project instead of helping it. For example, there is no place where I could download DbS tracks, nor have I found a place where to buy them. Would like to share this stuff with friends, play on gigs, etc…

Or maybe it’s just how hardcore underground works?

i see your point but the problem is mainly that i’m not good enough but i’m working on it to get better. i have some track signed on sustained rec (you can find them on junodownload)
Some people also told me that they want to have full time stuff from me. I’m gonna record a liveset around end of june cause i’ve got to gig to prepare at that time so follow me on soundcloud and i’m gonna post it there (with a regular download link cause only 100 download on soundcloud)
Glad you like my sound

nu version for hardcore massive (player is still in the first post)