2 Tracks Available For A Week Via Yousendit

Well, it seems I’ve found my inspiration again, and managed to get 2 tunes finished in 2 weeks! It seems the pressure of having gigs makes me work better at it.


Here’s the link for a .rar containing 2 mp3s, hope you enjoy them as much as the peeps at my gig did! :yeah:
Any feedback welcome!

P.S. don’t dob me in!!

Nobody like either then?

I’m at work and I only have shitty desktop speakers with absolutely no bass to them, but the tracks sounded quite nice from what I could tell. Seemed like a couple of good dancefloor shakers. I’ll listen again properly when I get home later.

It’s funny too, I was thinking of using that same Gwen Stefani acapella in a dnb tune myself :)

Thanks DBlue, I hope you’ll enjoy them with the bass (like they’re meant to be enjoyed)! I’ve made a bit of a change to my techniques for producing bass sounds, so I hope they’ll stand out better.

Into the zone seems almost there, but the percussion deserves a more prominent position than this line currently has. (not impactive and doesn’t sound tight, even if they are tight)
The bass overrules everything, the pad somewhere in the center-part of your song overwhelms, but overal concept is really nice also the changes between song-sections sound slick.

In-Fluence is cool.
Vocals could be brought more to the foreground in this one.

I think both of the tracks have nice potential but I don’t think the overall mastering is quite up to scratch yet. In both tracks the bass is very “in your face” while the rest of the musical elements feel like they’re taking a backseat, they’re too quiet or hidden in the mix. Even though this style of music is obviously intended to be bass-heavy, I feel that overall things seem to be lacking in the upper-midrange and highs, having quite a muffled sound. Well, perhaps not muffled, just unbalanced I guess. I’d like to hear more of the other elements you’re using in there. Bring some of those nice drums and percussion to the front a bit, give them a nice crispy sound with some impact. I also felt like the vocal in Waiting was much too quiet. Considering that it’s really the basis of the whole track, it’s barely audible in comparison to the other elements.

Anyway, good work overall :)

Nice! I love the second song, Waiting For What. I most definetly will play it when I’m DJ’ing at a party tomorrow. :D
If you could be extreamly fast and post a mix that is less heavy on the kick and bass would sure be nice :lol:, but I think it will sound nice if I just compensate a bit on the mixer eq.
At the techno accord change in the break I feared it would go all cheesy, but it didn’t… thank you :)

Into The Zone is nice too. But it didn’t tickle my nerve as much as Waiting For What.

I agree pretty much with what the others say about the mixing.

Well, thanks for the feedback guys, glad to hear I’m getting the right idea after soooo long without producing. To be honest, because I’ve spent so much time working with MIDI gear & an Amiga, the whole digital mixing / vst thing is still relatively new to me. I agree that Into the Zone definitely needs brushing up, especially in the bass dept (and the hihats are too loud as well).
I’m also still getting used to my monitors, and although I’ve had them for some time, I’ve only produced a couple of tracks on them. The bass seems so tight & right whilst creating, but when it comes to playing on a home stereo, the speakers are fluttering all over the place, so yes I definitely still have to compesate in some areas, and these are by no means final mixdowns. I think Waiting for what is better mixed than the other, even though it only took about an eighth of the time (due to lack of inspiration). I think I’ll be putting it down to simple practice, and tidier setting up of effects, but I’m just glad I havent sacrificed any of my structuring abilities (if not improved them) since the OctaMED days.
Do others find they have to compensate so much after creating tunes using monitors?

@dby: Part of my roots are the trancey thing (listening to melodies of Jean Michelle Jarre & Mike Oldfield probably played a big part too), but the reason I left the whole thing was coz it went cheesy IMO. I love to keep it on the verge and less predictable where I can, and like you, I feel the way that I introduced the key change for the chorus worked well :D

Perhaps you could do me a favour and send me a snippet of your set (if you play my tune), so I can compare with other tracks either side of it. I think it would help me to identify the issues with that track!

I played your track… didn’t record it tho. But the song worked very well IMO. It’s just a wee bit bassy.

Are the tracks even mastered? The volume was very low compared to the other tracks I played. I’m myself pretty newb when it comes mixing and mastering, but I can definitely recommend that you listen on as many different systems as possible, from small mono tape decks to car stereo with boombox… will help you to know your monitors better.

Hmm, yes, time for me to set up another amp & speakers I think! Did the people react well? Thanks for your feedback & help so far. I’ll probably be searching these forums on some mastering hints this evening, athough I’m already getting tired of hearing it!
(not the advice, the tune!)

I’m sure one thing I really badly need to add to my setup are a pair of good speakers stands. I notice the bass response on my monitors aren’t that bad, but are probably lacking somewhat due to this, thus making me compensate. I’ll try to have a better mix up by the end of this week.

Hey, any new mix for us yet? I’m playing records again this weekend at this big afterparty for an indoors festival, and the next too at some other party. I wanna play Waiting For What again, but it was hard to make a good mix when I had to adjust the eq at the same time.

I’ve noticed now that I also overcompensate the bass on my nEar 06 monitors… guess I could perhaps have use for a sub.

I’ll be working on it soon, had to upgrade my mobo, so a lot of configuring going on right now… sorry! I’ll see if something can be done in time :s

I think it will be alright, I’ve removed some bass with the eq in soundforge and pushed up the volume a bit as a temporary solution. Now I don’t have to worry about much but crossfading. But the mix isn’t balanced enough to make a really good master. I think you could lower the volume of the kick, and increase some mid-range stuff like the vocals. As I said, listen on as many systems as possible to get to know your own monitors… it helps for me. Looking forward to the final mix some day. ;)

Please share the link of the latest version.

When clicked it reports -

Your file has expired.

Unfortunately, your file has expired. A link is valid for 7 days or a limited number of downloads, whichever occurs first.

Once the link expires, the file is deleted and cannot be recovered.

@ trepain: I know, that’s why I said 2 tracks available or a week! I’m going to be repartitioning & stuff, so It’s gonna be a while, but I promise to repost!

@dby: I need a sub too (well, some decent speaker stands first wouldn’t go a miss), I think this is definitely where I’m overcompensating. And after looking at the LFO drop off on my monitor’s graph, and playing frequencies around that range, I can begin to see where I’m losing out. I’ve upped the bass management on my delta’s outputs, but will be looking for a better solution which won’t colour the sound too much.

still: Your file has expired