2 Usb Controllers ...

Hello guys !

I’ve just buyed two USB controllers (an M-Audio Keystation 49e an Akai MPD-16) ; is it possible to do something like Cubase, assigning one instrument or VST to one of my USB peripheral ? I guess it’s possible to assign an USB to a MIDI instrument, but I haven’t found how … could be of great help if you can explain me that.

Thanks in advance for the answers !

PS: I’m using the last demo version.

in the top menu goto edit>preferences and to the MIDI tab.
here you can set 2 devices as “master inputs” in device A and B.
the set device will control the selected instrument.

there is also a midi-mapper found:view>midimapping.
here you can assign certain sliders in the below track DSPs tab,
just by selecting a slider and moving the knop on your hardware that you like to assign.