2 work in progress tracks I don't think I've spammed here befo



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(only the first link worked for me)

I like this style… it sounds like Vsnares.
It almost sounds tooooo much like Vsnares though… Then again, its pretty well done and enjoyable, so who cares if it sounds like something I have heard before.

One thing that I like to hear is a little more structure… it just seems pretty random until the melodic thing at the end. HOWEVER, i understand that this is WIP, so it’ll probably work better when its done.


cheers Mr cold,

you’re right on the high snareness factor :slight_smile: in this jungly, bpm-speed + other then 4/4 timesig genre it is hard not to sound like 'em. But I’ll increase the jonas factor in the forthcoming days!



2nd link is dead.


try this link for the second one & press the music note to download: http://cid-4bfad89206133a2b.skydrive.live…n%20ketting.mp3


I like the second one too. Its sexy.

First Track-

I think i just shat myself and scared my co-workers into thinking my computer malfunctioned. I like the Isolation around 2:06 really shows
a great contrast from “Im going to kill you” to “Lets be friends”

Second Track-

Nothing short of amazing… Definite dope sound right here…If you ever need a emcee I can rap my ass off :)

www.myspace.com/thisthatandthethird hehehehe

Really like the 2nd one
& the 1st one has cool sounds

but you always say WIP man :D do you have any non-wip tunes?

cheers guys :slight_smile:

Rian Diasporah: I’d like to check that myspace link, but it says ‘ivalid user id’ & that you have deleted the page?

prei26: as long as my struggling is work in progress, all my tracks are work in progress :wink: . Other then some local cd releases, I got some finished stuff here http://etherkreet.com/stekkerspel.html

New finished tracks wont be shared on the net! :)

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Love the first one, brilliant work.

I can’t really agree with the VSnares comment. It doesn’t sound like VSnares to me. Unless your only reference to d&b is “gentlemen”, which to me sounds like Remarc and Bizzy B in 7/4 and some gabber kicks? No offense to VSnares, who is also brilliant. I guess the “wasn’t you the type” hook in “gentlemen” has a similar melody to the “titelloos” intro, but it’s four notes that have been in many other tracks too. I’m just saying there’s room for this fantastic track in a genre that spans two decades without claiming “biter.”

Which brings me to the following:

I own this CD. I bought it a while ago based on all the WIP you have posted over the years. It’s cool, but I’m looking for a CD that represents your work in experimental drum & bass. Does such a CD exist?