2 Zip Albums

finally organized some tracks and zipped them up with artwork, playlists, and minisites :P
they are from back in the days when i had a place to be loud with guitars and drums. i miss those days
cuz now i’m just :wacko:



donated a fairly small amount.

yes thank you verrry much<3

i got 2 more coming soon and at least one of them is pretty cool :) anyways, thanks and i’ll be sure to update you on their release.

wow… you multitalent

‘romance’ is my fav atm, just awesome. also i just like your voice (that is you isn’t it ?) interesting idea of them short songs… now back to the remaining songs… loving it.

yeah that romance tune is totally Muse like.

anywho I’ve been listening to the albums and really impressed and enjoying :)

ya dude, i dig these albums. dododo is fantastic…perfect walking music. you should shop it around somehow, i could totally visualize that song as some sort of backing music for a tv commercial of some sort…maybe for some clothing brand…lol i dunno. good work though.